Affirmations for a positive Venus

In a birth chart the planet Venus is an indicator of :

  • what you value in relationships
  • how you relate to others
  • who you are attracted to 
  • how you attract others
  • what you love and enjoy doing
  • what makes you happy
  • how you give and receive affection
  • what you find beautiful
  • your self-worth
  • how you dress
  • inclinations to laziness, vanity and over-indulgence

If Venus is in a prominent or challenged position in a chart , for example if it's at the apex of a T-square or conjunct the North Node, then Venusian themes have a marked significance in one's life.

If that's you, reflecting on and affirming the positive qualities of Venus which you want to bring into your life may be useful:
  1. I love myself
  2. I enjoy the pleasure of my own company
  3. I am being myself without the need to please anyone
  4. I express affection and love which is genuine
  5. I live a balanced life which includes work, people, solitude and leisure activities, not only relationships
  6. I am selective about forming friendships and partnerships
  7. I avoid forming unsatisfying or destructive relationships with people who I don't value or don't value me
  8. I remain aware of other people's needs
  9. I express myself tactfully
  10. I maintain smooth and comfortable interactions
  11. I am able to assert myself when necessary and to confront another in a diplomatic and sensitive manner
  12. I develop skills in counselling and public relations work
  13. I don't wait passively for life to come to me
  14. I cultivate my artistic interests and express myself creatively 
  15. I appreciate the beauty of the world around me and I also make an effort to contribute to this beauty myself 
  16. I may select work related to nature, clothes, jewellery, interior decorating
  17. I develop my earning power
  18. I manage my own material resources
  19. I appreciate what I have