The 12 Signs: Pisces

geanina grigore pisces astrology

Aim: mystical oneness
Strategy:compassion and meditation
Shadow: confusion and escapism
Ruler: Neptune and Jupiter
Element: water
Modality: mutable 
Energy in alignment : kind, imaginative, loving, sensitive, soulful, compassionate, selfless, healing, artistic, romantic, forgiving, gentle, rescuing, chameleon like, empathetic, idealistic, psychic, spiritual, soft spoken
Energy out of alignment: suggestible, intoxicated, sacrificial, wistful, vague, absent minded
Parts of the body: feet, toes, heel, lymphatic system
Colours: sea green
Archetypes: the poet, the seer, the visionary, the caregiver, the healer, the photographer, the pharmacist, the yogi, the actor, the musician, the addict, the lost soul, the helpless one, the space cadet, the victim
Places: ponds, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, watermills, wells, springs, marshes, monasteries, prisons, retreats, museums
Products: sailboats, fairy tales, stars, gas, oil, chemicals, sedatives, romance novels, chemicals
Plants: water lily, aquatic plants
Animals : fish, all aquatic animals
Jobs: dancer, singer, actor, composer, musician, painter, photographer, antique dealer, fairy tale writer, illustrator, animator, yogi, parapsychologist, film editor, archivist, dowser, smuggler, boating instructor, museum worker, charity worker, medium, monk