A compendyous regyment or a dyetary of healthe made in Mountpyllyer,- by Andrew Boorde, Welsh traveller, physician and writer, 1490?- 1549 ( on Early English Books)

A new herball - by William Turner, 1551 (on the Library of Congress)


The Government of Health- by William Bullein, 1576 (Early English Books)

A choice manual of rare and select secrets - by Lady Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, 1581 - 1651 ( Early English Books)

The Good Huswifes Jewell - by Thomas Dawson, 1585 (Early English Books)

The widowes treasure - remedies and recipes by John Partridge, 1588 ( Early English Books)

The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes - John Gerarde, 1597 ( Library of  Congress)

Delights for ladies - by Sir Hugh Plat, 1609 ( Library of Congress

The Anatomy of Melancholy - by Robert Burton, 1621 ( Project Gutenberg)

Countrey Contentments or The English Hous-wife - by Gervase Markham, first published in 1615

A Hermetical Banquet , drest by a spagiricall cook for the better preservation of the microcosme - by Thomas Cocke, 1652 ( Early English Books)

The Complete Herbal - Thomas Culpeper (

The Ladies Cabinet enlarged and opened-  by Lord Ruthven, 1655 (Library of Congress and Early English Books)

The Queen's Closet Opened - by W. M., 1655 ( Library of Congress and Early English Books )

Hartman's Curiosities of art and nature - collection of remedies and recipes published in 1683? (Library of Congress)

English Medical Book - a notebook containing medical recipes, 1573- 1663 (Welcome Library)

Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets - by John Evelyn ( on

John Dee - astrologer and magician - his books online
John Dee - his private diary

William Lilly -  Christian Astrology, 1659 ( on

The Family Physician and the House Apothecary - by Gideon Harvey, 1676 (Early English Books)

A compleat history of Druggs - by Monsieur Pomet, 1737 (

Archaeology of Reading - 36 digitized versions of early printed books with tens of thousands of handwritten notes left by John Dee and Gabriel Harvey


Bess of Hardwick Letters - complete correspondence 1550 - 1608 

bess of hardwick

John Evelyn - diary on (volume 1 of 2)

Samuel Pepys  - daily entries from 1660 to 1669

samule pepys

The Diary of Samuel Pepys - a BBC Radio Historical Drama


The Agas Map of London - an interactive map depicting London in 1561


Paleography course - the study of old handwriting, on National Archives
Future Learn - The Tudors (free course)


Dr Alun Whitey - historian of medicine and of the body
History Extra - medicine and health
Sharon Lathan - on historic kitchens and stillrooms
Circle of the Year - the Tudor Stillroom