What is astrology? 
As Dane Rudhyar once said, I believe "astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you." Through symbols and patterns, astrology can reveal profound insights. It is a powerful tool for understanding the seasons of the Universe and how they impact us. In my practice I take into account these many astrological cycles and seasons. During the reading I explain where you are in  your particular cycle, how to align with its energy and to make better choices .
Astrology readings can give you a sense of empowerment and choice, an insight or an "aha" moment.
During an astrology reading the astrologer uses your birth or natal chart which is generated on the basis of your date, time and place of birth. Your natal chart is a map of the sky at the time of your birth and it reveals your challenges and gifts as well as your life purpose and highest potential.

Are my sessions right for you ?
YES if:
You want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself
You want to understand the patterns and cycles of your life
You want to make changes in your life which are more aligned with your authentic self

NO if:
You think I can foresee your future
You want to be told what decisions to make
You believe the astrologer has all the answers

I look forward to working with you 😄

Geanina offers the following types of astrology readings:

Natal chart reading 

your Sun - Ascendant - Moon signature
potential and life purpose
gifts and talents
patterns and challenges
a copy of your birth chart as a pdf or jpeg which you can print out

Relationship reading

romantic, work and platonic relationships
relationship patterns and blockages
relationship needs
compatibility and intimacy

Astrology for parents reading

fertility and family planning
personality and needs of your child

Wedding and honeymoon reading

wedding date selection
honeymoon location
the astrology of your wedding day

The year ahead reading

transits for the year ahead
your current energy cycles and seasons
handwritten or printed yearly timeline

Astrology Readings with Geanina

An accurate time of birth is necessary in order to draw and interpret your birth chart.

You can book a 60 min session @£60 or a longer 90 min session at @£90.

Sessions take place on Zoom or face to face if you live in London .

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