Geanina was extremely thoughtful and generous in her reading of my chart. She has a deep sense of astrology , a precious and understated symbolic language. She also gently paid attention to my question. She's a gem. Don't hesitate to consult her!

I always enjoy my readings with Geanina; her calm, thoughtful and insightful approach create a safe and welcoming space to explore some of the themes that she talks through with you. I always leave with a greater sense of clarity and renewed curiosity and enthusiasm for the future. Thank you.

I am glad I came across your post. Geanina is a very kind person who is putting a lot of effort into these reading sessions. My reading was precise and helpful. She's a very talented and calm lady apart from being a good astrologer. Thank you.

Thank you, Geanina. Your reading was honest, sensitive and thoughtful. You accurately picked up so much of what was going on for me and I was able to reassess my emotional responses  to certain situations as a result. You are obviously a natural and gifted astrologer.

It was really good. It felt too short at the end , but I think that means it was a very good reading. She's really cool for putting the time and effort to offer this service .